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» Spotlight

OrVea's Poodles

We have registered Orvea's Poodle Kennel name under FCI number 66/12 on August the 3rd 2012.

ORVEA'S, from names Organza & Venja, is small home poodle kennel but we are fortunate to have such a great dogs from the best bloodlines of Europe and to have chance to breed the best possible companion and show dogs.


Our dogs are fully tested, have full dentation and breed licensed..







Litter A born on 12th of January 2013


» Current Residents

Resident 1


Delight Expression Evidence

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Resident 5


Organza United Color's Poodle

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Resident 5


OrVea's Ad Alta Moda

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Resident 5





Poodles in Scandinavia


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OrVea's Puppies

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